This service offered by the Hellenic Jurists Association of Québec is intended to provide guidance to our members and to provide them with assistance regarding their career development and the challenges they may face in their profession.

Under strict confidentiality, the HJAQ will pair a mentor, admitted to the Québec Bar or the Chambre des notaires for more than ten (10) years, with a colleague (mentee) for a pre-determined period of time that will not exceed one (1) year. During the said period, there will be a minimum of four (4) meetings that can take place, in person or via any other technological means of communication whereby the mentor, on a strictly volunteer basis, will meet with the mentee regarding the objectives set out in virtue of the present program. This program is not intended to provide legal advice or job search assistance.

We encourage our members to take advantage of this program and to benefit from the knowledge, expertise and experience of our dedicated team of mentors.

Should you be interested in the mentorship program as a mentor or as a mentee, as the case may be, kindly print, complete and return the appropriate form.