The Association is established for professional purposes, for lawyers in Quebec of Hellenic origin. The aims pursued by the Association are to:

(1) promote, encourage and promote the study of law among its members.

(2) organize events and training in order to refresh, update and/or enhance, as the case may be, the legal knowledge of its members.

(3) provide for the supervision of young lawyers and to involve members on subjects of importance to the Hellenic Community of Quebec.

The HJAQ is moderated by a board of directors composed of the following seven (7) volunteer members:

Me Katherine Tsetsos, President
Me Jerry Lazaris, Vice-President

Me Steven Vassalos, Vice-President
Me George Tsanoussas, Treasurer
Me Chiara Kakavas, Secretary
Me Catherine Pantoulis, Board Member
Me Maria Karteris, Board Member